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Taevalaotus & Joel Tammik -

CAT# TAEVA001 / 12" / Vinyl released December 2022

“One sunny morning I found Joel Tammik at my door, having just arrived in his old V8 Chevy. He had enough room to pack a lot of his analog sound creation gear into the car’s seemingly endless boot. So, there he was in my humble pine forested small town, where air is filled with more than usual amounts of ozone. Here, the mind switches almost naturally into the next gear and having a honoured guest is like a second nature of welcoming what is about to happen next in this unpredictable life. Almost without saying a word we connected everything, crossed with my own analog gear and it immediately fired up an unforgettable vibe, a symbiosis between our characters. We naturally combined our minds during the process and the result is what you hear.”


  • A1 - Kohtumine (Gathering)
  • A2 - Sfäärid (Spheres)
  • B1 - Minek (Departure)
  • B2 - Sfäärid - Aural Imbalance dub

Album story

The record “Sfäärid” was born when the paths of two distinctive artists, Taevalaotus and Joel Tammik, became synchronous for a brief moment in time. 

Having gathered all of their beloved analog gear into one single room in Taevalaotus’ home in lush pine forested South Estonia, magic began to unfold as they spent a few days experimenting with their ideas and the hardware, both bringing their own distinct vision and style. Once their musical worlds seemed perfectly aligned, the 15IPS analog reel-to-reel tape machine went into record mode. 

“Kohtumine” is the first track – a rangefinder in which Joel built the spine and Taevalaotus moulded the flesh around it, with minimalism at its core and the search for a far away melody adding a complex flavour. From there on, ever-changing patterns started to evolve and the balance naturally began to shift, plotting its way forward. As two artistic minds shared the room in the process of creation, they felt as if they existed in two separate spheres but still in a very close dialog. This is how the second track and also the EP got its name: “Sfäärid”. Coldly distant yet warmly close, the yin and yang of the tracks. The climax of the story, as they were about to part ways was the track “Minek”. Where Taevalaotus laid down the flow and fundamentals in search of the uniquely binding groove and Joel commanded the army of hardware effects to inject another level of sonic depth on top.

The tailing track on this record is a remix of “Sfäärid” by Aural Imbalance (Simon Huxtable), whom the artists have known and admired for a long time. This was deliberately chosen as a detaching yet uplifting end to this multidimensional EP.

So, here it is – a unique blend of two artists, a thoughtful journey into electronic music. Until they meet again, on one special day in the future…